Financial Analyst Job Description


  • Interpret financial information
  • Year-end accounting closing of books like preparing journal entries, closing accounts and reviewing cash balances
  • Manage the budget and perform audits
  • Interpret stock data (i.e. yield, price, stability, economical implications)
  • Provide general analysis for some company departments and prepare spreadsheets and report charts


  • Computer literacy (with knowledge on the use of different software programs used in analysis)
  • High competency in Mathematics (with background in Statistics and Calculus)
  • Understanding of corporate and management accounting concepts
  • Good in analysis for interpreting data

Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in Finance or Economics highly preferred, but a degree in Mathematics or Business are also accepted
  • MBA graduates or those with CFA (chartered financial analyst) certification have an edge
  • Must be willing to work under stress and able to present significant and precise analyses
  • Must be able to obtain inferences with using limited information

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